Black & Orange Manhattan Pen

Black & Orange Manhattan Pen


This handmade ballpoint pen is made from an elegant smokey black acrylic with an orange line ribbon running through it. The pen hardware is a smooth single twist action in silver. The finish on this pen is a smooth, durable, high gloss/glass-like feel.

Each Manhattan pen is individually hand crafted, so every one is unique. This pen is also known as a Manhattan Twist Pen. The Manhattan pen offers superb balance and smooth action. It's a single twist pen - one turn of the barrel exposes the ballpoint tip.  When your pen runs out of ink, the empty cartridge can be easily replaced with another Cross Style refill.


This pen was handmade by me, in my shop, proudly located in Toledo, Ohio.

All pens are shipped in a protective shipping envelope to protect it as best as possible during shipping. Shipping costs are calculated upon checkout.

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To replace the pen refill - pull then pen apart above the finger grip (where the trim ring is) to expose the Parker Style refill. Unscrew the ink refill and take it out of the pen. Slide the new pen refill into the barrel and screw the refill back into the pen and you are all set! If you are looking for pen refills be sure to get a Parker Style refill. If you have trouble replacing your ink refill contact me and I will walk you though it. If you have trouble finding Pen refills, I sell them as well.