A little about yours truely...

Hi, my name is Tom and I like to make things out of wood. 

Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio and now settled down in the quiet town of Elmore, OH. I grew up with a mom who always was crafting and a dad who was a fine cabinet maker, construction guru and all around handyman. I was raised on Lincoln Logs and Legos and now as an adult, I have continued to do the same thing!  

I started making random projects for me around the house and that has grown into a full blown hobby (obsession...)! 

I love making projects for others to enjoy and share with family and friends. I find that there are no greater gifts than ones that are made by hand. So in the fall of 2017 I decided to share my love for handmade woodworking projects with the world! 

I am continually growing, learning, and exploring new projects so be sure to check in periodically to see if there is anything new in the store!